Multi-Million Dollar Reusable Packaging Theft Operation Taken Down in Chicago Thanks to Discrete Tracking Technologies

In 2021, a major plastic container theft sting was executed in Cook County, Illinois. It resulted in the discovery of an illegal plastic regrind operation which was grinding reusable containers and trays stolen by a network of more than 30 vehicles and dozens of individuals.

Wakefern Adopts Sustainable Packaging Solutions

August 16, 2021 Wakefern Food Corp.

Wakefern Food Corp., the largest retailer-owned grocery cooperative in the United States is adopting the latest in RPCs  (Reusable Plastic Containers)  in its Produce department to improve quality, sustainability, and lower costs for customers.  

Brambles Becomes a Carbon Neutral Operations Company

June 24, 2021 Brambles Limited

This new program includes the commitment to a 1.5°C degree climate future aligned with the Paris Agreement and a science-based carbon emissions target for its supply chain.

IFCO Launches New Banana Lift Lock Crates that Offer Additional Benefits for the Transportation of Bananas

June 2, 2021 IFCO

The Banana Lift Lock offers various advantages for the transportation of bananas on their often long overseas journeys, like a superior ventilation for faster cooling and optimal ripening, an increased strength for ultimate protection and an even better design to increase sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. The Banana Lift Lock is also compatible with the other IFCO Lift Lock family RPCs.