Slow Flowers Society: Q&A with Lesley Goren, American Flowers Week 2024 Featured Artist

The 2024 American Flowers Week artwork was created exclusively for Slow Flowers Society by Lesley Goren, an illustrator and designer whose work focuses on the natural environment.

Slow Flowers Society Celebrates 10th Anniversary of

Today, features more than 750 listings, representing professionals across all facets of the North American floral marketplace. In celebrating the 10-year anniversary of the site’s launch, Prinzing says she continues to be motivated by its original mission: To connect consumers with the sources of their flowers.

The Farm-to-Table Movement is Coming to Flowers

May 6, 2024 Nick Hawkins, INC.

Molly Oliver and other florists like her found an important partner in Slow Flowers, a Seattle-based digital marketplace for sustainably minded U.S. florists and growers.

SLOW FLOWERS SOCIETY + BLOOM Imprint Release the 2024 Floral Insights & Industry Forecast

January 8, 2024 Slow Flowers Society

Slow Flowers Society and its publishing partner BLOOM Imprint released their 2024 report on noteworthy lifestyle insights for flower farming and floral design professionals, identifying seven influential topics for the coming year. Titled “The Year of Simplicity,” the report cites an increasing desire among consumers to make conscious and sustainable decisions about how they spend money and time.

Slow Flowers Announces 2021 American Flowers Week: the 7th Annual Celebration of Domestic Cut Flowers

June 4, 2021 Slow Flowers Society

Slow Flowers Society announces details for the 2021 American Flowers Week campaign, the annual celebration to promote domestic flower farming and sustainable floristry that takes place June 28-July 4, 2021.