Hannaford Debuts digitally Equipped Concept Store in Portland

The Scarborough-based supermarket chain, a subsidiary of Dutch retailer Ahold Delhaize, is testing new features at its store at 295 Forest Ave. in Portland that are designed to promote certain product categories while making shopping easier and more convenient.

Kroger is Changing Grocery Shopping as we know it — and it’s Becoming a Bigger Threat to Amazon

Kroger is rolling out new technology to its stores that could change grocery shopping as we know it.

Kroger and Microsoft Partner to Redefine the Customer Experience and Introduce Digital Solutions for the Retail Industry

January 7, 2019 Kroger Co.

Through this innovative partnership, Kroger will pilot a connected store experience and together with Microsoft, jointly market a commercial RaaS product to the industry.

What’s in Store 2019: Technology

In 2018, 56% of grocery operators had a fully integrated omnichannel strategy in use for in-store, online, and digital channels. More than 30% were just getting started and 12% did not have plans.