Beef Promotion Operating Committee Approves Fiscal Year 2023 Checkoff Plan of Work

September 12, 2022 The Beef Checkoff

The Cattlemen’s Beef Board (CBB) will invest approximately $38.5 million into programs of beef promotion, research, consumer information, industry information, foreign marketing and producer communications during fiscal 2023, subject to USDA approval.

Beef Performance at Retail

September 20, 2021 The Beef Checkoff

In this highly competitive retail environment, it is important for retailers to highlight products that drive more dollars to their bottom line. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association (NCBA), a contractor to the Beef Checkoff, conducts various research studies to highlight how different types of proteins and items at the retail stores can increase sales, provide greater margins, and increase the average size of a purchase. One of the studies usually conducted every two years by NCBA are consumer panel studies, which help the market research team learn and understand about consumer trends, popular items, and market intelligence to help NCBA’s external partners grow beef demand and increase retail revenue.

Current Protein Promotional Environment at Retail

July 26, 2021 The Beef Checkoff

Some of the greatest tools that retail stores possess to drive consumer demand include various promotional incentives, such as circulating advertisements or digital circulars featuring items, displaying items in prominent positions or with signage in the stores, coupons, and markdowns.

Americans Resolve Fiercest Hot Dog Debates

On National Hot Dog Day, Americans have weighed in to settle some of the biggest debates among the fans of our favorite franks. In short, hot dogs are NOT a sandwich; taste best outside of the home; must be eaten by hand and off paper plates; and New York style are the best.

Summer Grilling Season’s Retail Beef Demand

June 24, 2021 The Beef Checkoff

Cconsumers responding to a recent checkoff-funded survey reported having plans to grill 9.23 times per month on average in 2021, up one entire occasion from last year’s levels1. Additionally, most people plan to grill more specifically on the summer holidays than they did last year.