USApple Promotes Mitchell Liwanag to Manager of Environmental Affairs

February 24, 2023 U.S. Apple Association

The U.S. Apple Association today announced the promotion of Mitchell Liwanag to Manager of Environmental Affairs. In his new role, Liwanag will represent USApple in matters concerning the environment, including pesticides, water, energy, climate and stewardship, as well as identify new areas for the organization to engage and participate in the areas of sustainability and the climate.

Statement by Jim Bair, President & CEO U.S. Apple Association Re: Unfinished Agriculture Labor Reform

December 26, 2022 U.S. Apple Association

“This week the Senate will adjourn without finishing its work. The House twice passed bipartisan legislation to reform our broken agriculture labor system and the Senate failed to act. A good bill passed the House, and a better one was introduced in the Senate. To get right up to the finish line – but not cross it – is a bitter pill to swallow when the bill would have improved the ag workforce picture by every measure.

USApple Statement on USTR Rejection of 301 Investigation

October 24, 2022 USApple

“The U.S. apple industry is relieved by the U.S. Trade Representative’s decision to reject the 301 Investigation on imported fruits and vegetables from Mexico. A Section 301 investigation could have been followed by tariffs on imported produce and, in turn, retaliatory tariffs from Mexico. That has happened in the past where U.S. apples were the targets of retaliation. We acknowledge that other sectors of the fresh produce industry are facing their own difficult challenges, but the U.S. Trade Representative came to the correct conclusion, and we are thankful.”

USApple Launches 2023 Apples4Ed Grant Program

October 6, 2022 U.S. Apple Association

The U.S. Apple Association has launched its 2023 Apples4Ed initiative—a grant program that supports healthy eating initiatives in public schools across the United States. USApple will fund five $5,000 healthy eating initiatives on campuses in 2023. 

Statement of Jim Bair President & CEO, U.S. Apple Association at the American Business Immigration Coalition Press Event Capitol Hill

September 19, 2022 U.S. Apple Association

“Agriculture labor reform has been our top legislative priority for more than a decade. It’s the issue that keeps apple growers awake at night, whether they employ 500 workers or five.  An entire year of care and input costs can be lost when it’s time to harvest and workers arrive late or not at all.”