Silverland Bakery Now Partners With UNFI & Tony’s Fine Foods

August 5, 2019 Silverland Bakery

Tony’s Fine Foods has long carried our Natural Food Bars as well as our Sugar Free Bars. Beginning this past June UNFI/Tony’s brought in a larger selection from Silverland Bakery, including all of our Specialty Bars.

UNFI Announces Plans to Optimize Pacific Northwest Distribution Center Network

February 8, 2019 UNFI

UNFI announced plans to optimize its distribution center network in the Pacific Northwest. This plan includes building a new facility and expanding another to enhance customer product offerings, create more efficient inventory management, streamline operations and incorporate best in class technology to deliver a better customer experience.

UNFI Sues Goldman Sachs For Breaching Agreements Related To SUPERVALU Deal

January 31, 2019 RTTNews

United Natural Foods, Inc. (UNFI) filed a lawsuit against Goldman Sachs to recover damages from its alleged improper conduct during the period in which it advised UNFI on the acquisition of SUPERVALU.