UNLIMEAT Kimbap Products Now Available via DoorDash’s DashMart

June 3, 2024 UNLIMEAT

Traditionally, Kimbap consists of cooked rice, vegetables, fish, and meat rolled in kim (gim) – dried sheets of seaweed – and served in bite-sized slices. UNLIMEAT’s frozen kimbap stands out from other vegan options by featuring plant-based bulgogi and tuna. Each roll is filled with plant-based bulgogi or tuna, garlic stems, and pickled daikon radish. By freezing the kimbap, UNLIMEAT prevents the seaweed from becoming soggy, allowing it to be stored for up to 12 months. This entirely plant-based kimbap can be prepared and ready to eat in just 3 minutes in the microwave, offering a quick and delightful meal or snack.

Two Hands Launched Vegan Option Made with UNLIMEAT Plant-based Sausage

May 22, 2023 UNLIMEAT

 UNLIMEAT, a pioneer in cutting-edge plant-based foods, announces the highly anticipated launch of a vegan option from Two Hands, a renowned corn dog brand celebrated for its Korean-style corn dogs.

UNLIMEAT’s Plant-Based Korean BBQ and Pulled Pork Launching at Albertsons Stores in the USA

December 26, 2022 UNLIMEAT

UNLIMEAT, a leading plant-based meat brand from Korea, is accelerating its entry into the US market, and has announced that they will begin selling in 1,500 Albertsons stores nationwide starting on January 5th. The products to be launched include plant-based Korean BBQ and two flavors of pulled pork, which are the company’s most popular products.

UNLIMEAT Finishes Developing its Plant-based Deli Slices

August 22, 2022 Unlimeat

UNLIMEAT announced that it is expanding its offerings to include plant-based deli slices, having completed development on plant-based pepperoni and mortadella.

Unlimeat from South Korea makes its Debut in the American Market

January 21, 2020 Zikooin

San Francisco, CA – South Korean based food manufacturing company Zikooin announced today that they are expanding their latest innovation in food technology, a 100 percent plant-based meat alternative called Unlimeat, in the US market this year.