Whole Foods Market Celebrates 20 Years as a Certified Organic Grocer

September 18, 2023 Whole Foods Market

This year marks 20 years since Whole Foods Market first attained organic retail certification. To date, the company offers more than 37,000 organic products across its stores and remains the only national retailer to hold this certification.

Plenty Expands Distribution to All California Whole Foods Market Stores and Gelson’s Markets 

August 25, 2023 Plenty

Plenty Unlimited Inc. announced it has doubled its retail presence, making its zero-pesticide leafy greens readily available to Californians with its expansion to all Whole Foods Market stores and Gelson’s Markets throughout the state. 

Whole Foods Market Announces Participants of 2023 Local and Emerging Accelerator Program Cohorts

August 16, 2023 Whole Foods Market

Whole Foods Market announced participants in its newest cohorts today for two tracks of the Local and Emerging Accelerator Program (LEAP): Early Growth and On the Verge. The LEAP initiative launched in 2022 with the inaugural Early Growth cohort, and continues to advance Whole Foods Market’s core value of seeking win-win partnerships with suppliers with access to tailored educational programming and one-on-one mentorship for local brands.

Eat Meati Availability Significantly Expands in 46 States with National Launch at Whole Foods Market

August 3, 2023 Meati Foods

Meati Foods, the producer of delicious, new protein cuts made from MushroomRoot™, today announced its expansion to all Whole Foods Market locations nationally. Meati Foods is on a mission to make clean, planet-friendly and naturally nutrient-dense food more accessible, and this milestone supports the company’s plan to achieve a national, omnichannel footprint by the end of the year. 

Smallhold Announces Nationwide Expansion with Whole Foods Market

July 27, 2023 Smallhold

Smallhold, a Certified B Corporation and leaders in organic specialty mushrooms, today announced their fresh mushrooms are launching nationally at Whole Foods Marketstores across the United States. This expansion builds off of Smallhold’s success in East coast, West coast, and Southeast stores where the brand became the fastest growing specialty mushroom supplier at Whole Foods Market.