Here’s Y Combinator’s Answer to Cultivated Meat’s Scaling Problem

April 11, 2022 Emma Betuel, TechCrunch

The positive impact alternative meat products — like plant-based meat or cultivated meat — can have on the environment is striking. In optimistic scenarios where we transition to from meat-laden to plant-based diets over the next 15 years, between 61–68% of agriculture’s greenhouse gas emissions can be avoided.

Y Combinator’s Kuleana is Making an Animal-Free Substitute for Raw Tuna

Companies like Impossible Foods and Beyond Meat that are making vegetable-based meat substitutes have captured the imagination and wallets of consumers, but so far, there’s been no real corollary for the seafood industry. Now, a startup coming from Y Combinator’s summer cohort, Kuleana, is hoping it can swim in those waters.