Pacific Oceans AquaFarms has Filed Applications for a California Yellowtail Farm

October 16, 2020 Ginger Jeffries, KUSI

Pacific Ocean AquaFarms (POA), a collaboration between an ocean science research institute and a purpose-based investment group, has filed applications for permits for a California yellowtail farm in federal waters off the coast of southern California.

BlueNalu Highlights Versatility of its Cell-Based Yellowtail Product in Premier Culinary Demonstration

December 17, 2019 BlueNalu

BlueNalu, a leading innovative food company developing seafood products directly from fish cells, today announced the premier culinary demonstration of one of its first commercial products, yellowtail amberjack, prepared with various cooking techniques. Investors and global partners were on hand to witness the successful preparation of the product, which served as yet another milestone that supports the company’s plans to introduce cell-based seafood in a test market within the next two years.