Petaluma-Based Miyoko’s Creamery Hopes to Capture Growing Vegan Dairy Market With New Cheeses

The free grilled cheese sandwiches moved quickly. More than 200 were handed out in roughly 90 minutes on a dreary San Francisco morning recently. They were touted at a pop-up giveaway by the renowned Grilled Cheez Guy as a new recipe using unspecified artisan cheeses.

World Going Crackers for British Cheese

December 31, 2019 UK Government Digital Service

As the UK tucks into cheese platters and pops bottles of bubbles this New Year’s Eve, the UK cheese and wine industries are celebrating a decade of growth and innovation. The UK cheese export market now worth £675 million

Vital Farms Teams Up with Food Banks Across the Country to Provide Food for Holiday Meals

December 31, 2019 Vital Farms

‘Tis the season for giving back to the community. Vital Farms – a leading brand of ethically produced food is helping address food insecurity, teaming up with food banks across the country to provide over 19 million eggs to families in need. Local partners include: Central Texas Food Bank, Southwest Missouri’s Ozarks Food Harvest, South Atlantic grocery retailer Harris Teeter, and Northern Illinois Food Bank.

Oregon Companies are Milking the Dairy Alternative Trend

December 31, 2019 Anna Glavash, Register Guard`

Oats don’t have udders. But in a widening array of dairy alternatives such as soy, coconut and almond geared toward special diets and environmentally conscious consumers, oat milk and products made with it are among the fastest-growing, and a piece of this action starts in Eugene.

U.S. Dairy Innovations Lead to Successful Partnerships in Global Food, Beverage Markets

December 31, 2019 Dan Hansen, WI State Farmer

Most Wisconsin dairy producers recognize the need to help promote increased consumption of dairy products by consumers within the United States and throughout the world. They also understand that once milk leaves the farm, they lose control.