Vegan ‘Cheese’ Market Booms as Demand Grows

November 23, 2022 Suzanne Bearne, BBC

As a teenager, Brad Vanstone used to help out on his grandparents’ dairy farm in Devon during the holidays.
But in an unexpected twist, decades later he now has quite a contrasting career running a vegan cheese-substitute business.

Cheese Curds Will Return to University of Wisconsin-River Falls Dairy Pilot Plant

November 23, 2022 River Falls Journal

Rest assured cheese curds will be on the production line when the University of Wisconsin-River Falls re-opens its Dairy Pilot Plant in 2023.

‘New Normal’: SF Fishermen Say Bay Area Crab Season May Never Again Start Before Thanksgiving

For the fourth year in a row, the start of San Francisco’s Dungeness crab season has been delayed, and local fishermen say a later crab season may now have shifted for good.

FDA Advises Restaurants and Retailers Not to Serve or Sell and Consumers Not to Eat Certain Potentially Contaminated Raw Oysters from Dai One Foods Co., Ltd, Republic of Korea

November 23, 2022 FDA

Restaurants and food retailers that have received shipments of frozen half shell oysters harvested on 2/6/2022 from Designated Area No. II, and exported by Dai One Food Co., Ltd., Republic of Korea (ROK).

The Canadian Foodservice Industry Continues Recovery in Q3 While Grappling with Higher Input Costs, Labour Shortage, and Inflation

November 23, 2022 The NPD Group

Canada’s foodservice industry has shown promising recovery over the past year; however, growth slowed in the quarter ending September compared to a better-performing quarter last year, reports The NPD Group*. Visits to Canadian restaurants and foodservice outlets were up 6% in the quarter compared to a year ago, when traffic was up 12%. Consumer spending was up 10% in the quarter ending September 2022 compared to a 20% increase in the same quarter last year.