10 Plant-Based Concepts that Focus on Transparency

Increasing transparency is increasing trust. All consumers actively look at food packaging, wanting to be informed and reassured about the product, the ingredients and the production process. But people who follow plant-based diets examine labels with an especially critical eye. This category has traditionally called for a tremendous amount of preservatives, stabilizers and emulsifiers to extend shelf lives, so plant-based consumers seemed to be more demanding when it comes to food suppliers being transparent in their labels and sourcing information.

To regain the trust of plant-based shoppers, brands are manufacturing products that are free from harmful artificial additives. Such brands aim for simple and straightforward ingredient lists that make it possible for any consumer to easily read what they are putting into their bodies: a so-called clean label trend. Brands also become more open about the origin of their ingredients and their production process.

These 10 plant-based concepts are very well aware of the high demands for transparency:

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