AMF Bakery Systems: Sustainable Oven Service

Against a backdrop of rising energy prices, many bakery operations are feeling the squeeze on their profit margins. It’s no wonder why many operators are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to find increased efficiencies. And thanks to advances in sensor technology, it has become much more practical to make smart, connected ovens that use data-based insights to reduce your costs.

AMF Bakery Systems has introduced a new service to help you make the most of this growing technological trend. Our new Sustainable Oven Service (SOS) uses advanced sensor technology to help you optimize your production ovens with real-time, expert recommendations that can help you not only reduce your energy bills but also minimize your bakery’s environmental impact.

Leveraging Data-based Insights for Greater Efficiency

The SOS is the next step in the digital transformation of your bakery – offering you powerful data analysis combined with tailored recommendations from our expert team. It enables you to unlock optimal efficiency, reduce energy (gas) usage, and enhance product quality. The SOS is a new standard on all AMF Den Boer ovens, but it can also be retrofitted to older or non-AMF production, tunnel, belt, and continuous ovens.

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