AMF Bakery Systems Welcomes Bill Zimmerman-Regional Account Manager

September 12, 2022 AMF Bakery Systems

AMF Bakery Systems (AMF), welcomed Bill Zimmerman as a Regional Account Manager for the Western United States and Canada. With his focus set on the specialty baked goods segments including artisan bread and rolls, pizza and flatbreads, cakes, pies, pastries, and more, Zimmerman joins an experienced team of account managers supporting commercial bakers worldwide with reliable, automated food production solutions.

AMF Bakery Systems: Sustainable Oven Service

July 15, 2022 AMF Bakery Systems

Against a backdrop of rising energy prices, many bakery operations are feeling the squeeze on their profit margins. It’s no wonder why many operators are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT) to find increased efficiencies. And thanks to advances in sensor technology, it has become much more practical to make smart, connected ovens that use data-based insights to reduce your costs.

AMF Bakery Systems: Teammates On The Rise

July 6, 2022 AMF Bakery Systems

One of the major contributors to employee turnover is the lack of career growth opportunities. Teammates interested in exploring opportunities for roles that will allow them to continue doing work they enjoy and remain at a company they are proud to be a part of are typically passionate and perform well.

Bakery Intelligence: AMF Bakery Systems’ Smart Applicator

June 30, 2022 AMF Bakery Systems

In products such as pizzas that require multi-stage assembly, the complexity of the production process can often lead to ingredient wastage and give-away. But now, thanks to AMF’s Bakery Intelligence solutions, there is a way to minimize waste and ensure optimal results with minimum operator intervention.

Soft Bread and Bun – Industry Trends

June 3, 2022 AMF Bakery Systems

Following the COVID-19 pandemic, the bread and baked goods sector has observed an ongoing premiumization. This is due to the trend for consumers to start ‘trading up’ on everyday goods: Since they couldn’t go out to restaurants, people began treating themselves to more restaurant-quality products at home. And the trend is persisting even now that restrictions have been lifted.