Bakery Intelligence: AMF Bakery Systems’ Smart Applicator

With energy and raw material prices constantly rising, increasing efficiency in your bakery operation has never been more crucial. And many bakeries are finding energy savings thanks to connected equipment and smart data analysis. But what about saving on ingredients? In products such as pizzas that require multi-stage assembly, the complexity of the production process can often lead to ingredient wastage and give-away. But now, thanks to AMF’s Bakery Intelligence solutions, there is a way to minimize waste and ensure optimal results with minimum operator intervention.

AI: Your Ally in the Bakery

The advent of Industry 4.0 has seen a surge in the use of automation and AI to optimize processes and increase profit margins across sectors. Machine learning and other emerging technologies are becoming increasingly common in the bakery sector, too, and it’s no wonder: they can be a huge asset when it comes to streamlining baking processes and increasing production output. AMF has long been an innovator in industrial bakery technology. Below, we’ll zoom in on one application of AI that’s already bringing savings to dozens of bakeries around the world.

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