Barry Callebaut Announces Strategic Investment Program BC Next Level

Barry Callebaut Group, the world’s leading manufacturer of high-quality chocolate and cocoa products, today announces BC Next Level – a strategic investment program to unlock the full potential of Barry Callebaut and pave the way for the next decade of sustainable growth by moving Barry Callebaut closer to markets and customers while fostering simplicity and digitization.

CEO Peter Feld said:

Our mission is to be the heart and the engine for the global cocoa and chocolate industry. We have delivered robust growth for nearly 25 years. Due to evolving customer demands for more sustainable and innovative products, now is the time to bring the Group to the next level by strategically investing in its future. We will move decision-making closer to our markets and customers while fostering simplicity and digitization to advance our well-recognized innovation and sustainability approach to deliver additional value for all our stakeholders.

Patrick De Maeseneire, Chairman of Barry Callebaut’s Board of Directors, said:

With BC Next Level, Barry Callebaut is set to become even more customer focused, agile, and efficient. The Board is convinced that these actions will secure the long-term success of the company and benefit all stakeholders. The management team can count on our full support for the implementation of the action plan presented today.

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