Barry Callebaut’s Journey Towards 100% Sustainable Chocolate

In 2016 we launched Forever Chocolate, our plan to make sustainable chocolate the norm by 2025. We asked Massimo Selmo, Global Head of Sourcing at Barry Callebaut, how the Group is progressing on its 100% sustainable chocolate target, as well as the challenges that lie ahead.

Massimo, Barry Callebaut’s ambition under its Forever Chocolate plan is to source all of its ingredients sustainably.  What are the key commodities we are talking about besides cocoa? 

We source a wide range of ingredients, including dairy, palm oil, coconut oil, soy lecithin, vanilla, cane sugar, beet sugar and nuts for our chocolate products. The complexity of the sourcing of these ingredients is quite diverse as each of these raw materials has its own supply chain that can often vary across different geographical regions. 

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