Believe it, Cake Made with Actual Dr Pepper

There’s a new Dr Pepper Birthday Cake flavor and there’s also an actual Dr Pepper Cake. While you’ve been busy going about your life, people have been buying and eating a Dr Pepper Cake since 2017. We know, we’re upset that we’re just hearing about this now, too.

The soda-inspired cake comes from Café Valley Bakery, which has locations in Phoenix, Arizona and Marion, Indiana. Luckily, the Dr Pepper Cake is sold at grocers nationwide. The ring cake is made with actual Dr Pepper, so you can expect a spicy taste as well as a drizzle of icing on top. Each one is only $6, so now you have a good reason to run to the store.

Our partnership with Dr Pepper will guarantee consumers the real, genuine soda taste, just as delicious as our other fun soda cake flavors,” Brian Owens, chief executive officer of Café Valley, said in a press release. “This cake features premium ingredients and the high-quality taste our customers have come to expect.”

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