Dawn Foods Hires Chief Digital Officer

Looking to update ordering for ecommerce customers, bakery manufacturing and ingredient supplier Dawn Foods decided to hire a chief digital officer to spearhead the process.

In many digital transformation stories, it’s the IT organization that lays the foundation for change. After all, you are moving from manual processes to digital ones. You are changing your customer-facing organization to one that includes a digital model, too. Digital operations are the underpinning of the IT organization. Your IT leaders are your experts in technology.

But for some organizations, the move from the old way of doing things to the new way of doing them may be faster and more revolutionary if you bring a new set of eyes and ideas to the challenge. IT can be heavily focused on providing help desk services and maintenance, so maybe it’s a stretch to ask some organizations like that to lead a transformation that’s changing the way business is done. In those cases, it may make sense to take a different road to digitalization.

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