Eurogerm USA to Launch Exciting New European Donut Product to U.S. Market

ROLLING MEADOWS, Ill. — The name Quarkbällchen may be unfamiliar to an American audience, but not for long. These donut balls have long been a popular treat in Germany, and with the new Quarkbällchen Mix from Eurogerm USA, bakeries in the U.S. will have an easy way to make these tasty treats.

Quarkbällchen are donut balls rolled in granulated sugar, but with a unique texture and taste from the addition of quark, a kind of silky cheese similar to yogurt or sour cream. Though the dough is usually formed into balls the shape and size of donut holes, the dough can be used for any shape donuts.

Rick Gizzi, Sales Director at Eurogerm USA, described the unique taste and texture after trying the mix. “The donut has a crispy style exterior and a soft, almost spongy interior. The flavor is a perfect blend of egg and vanilla, with the tartness of the cheese.” Gizzi continued, “The eating quality was quite unique. Breaking through the crispy outer layer only to find the soft, spongy interior left my palate wanting more.”

To help U.S. bakeries who want to start offering this amazing product, Eurogerm USA has formulated a mix that only requires the addition of water and cheese. More traditional bakeries may seek out quark, but it can also be made with cream cheese or other similar substitutes.

“We fully expect to see these appearing all over the U.S. soon,” says Ben Kansakar, CEO of Eurogerm USA. “They taste amazing, everyone loves to eat them, and our mix makes them very easy for bakeries to produce.”

To learn more about the new Quarkbällchen Mix, contact Eurogerm USA.

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