Action Items for 2023 National Donut Day

What is America’s favorite holiday that doesn’t include “Ho. Ho. Ho.”?  You guessed it – it’s National Donut Day. Yay!  Donut stores.  Retail bakeries.  In-store bakeries.  Panaderias.  Any location selling donuts has an opportunity for extra sales, profits, and fun! 

Here are important action items for this year’s National Donut Day: 

ACTION ITEM:  Circle June 2 on your calendar with a big red marker.  National Donut Day falls very early in June this year, so be sure the last week of May is also clearly marked for our donut holiday preparation! 

ACTION ITEM:  Be ready by ordering sufficient supplies NOW.  There will be extra media attention for this big day, so make sure you stock up on all your basic supplies in advance: mixesicings and glazesfillingssprinkles, and paper goods.  You may experience larger-than-normal bulk orders as offices, schools, agencies, and businesses all celebrate the holiday together – so – be ready!

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