Europastry is Committed to Using Sustainable Wheat

At Europastry, we are convinced that, to fight climate change, the future of food has to be sustainable. So, we are implementing actions that will allow us to transform the baking sector and make it even more sustainable. This is a sector in which sustainability is closely linked to good practices in the planting, growing and milling of grains (70% of the CO2 emissions come from wheat planting and growing).

One of these is the commitment to using 100% sustainable wheat. What does this mean? The implementation of good practices with local farmers, the use of certified seeds, reduced use of fertilizers, crop rotation and field-to-table traceability. To identify the products made on this basis, we have created the “Responsible Wheat” seal. In fact, today we are already harvesting 5,300 hectares under these principles, and we are committed to expanding this to 20,000 hectares by 2025. 

But our commitment doesn’t stop there. We want to be involved in the sustainable transformation of the planet and, to do so, we have set important targets for 2021: reducing our carbon footprint by 36%water consumption by 13% and gas consumption by 8% with respect to this year.

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