Heirzoom Bakery Introduces Fennome Hungarian Pastry Bites for The Holiday Season

[Turnersville, NJ] – Heirzoom Bakery, purveyor of authentic Hungarian pastries, is thrilled to unveil its newest creation in time for the holiday season. Introducing fennome Hungarian Pastry Bites! Fennome (inspired by finom, – Hungarian for delicious, tasty, elegant) are mini swirls of fruit jam and buttery pastry handcrafted with the finest ingredients including sweet cream butter, fresh cream cheese, pure demerara cane sugar, and luscious fruit jams. These delectable pastry bites pay homage to the rich culinary traditions of home baking. “Growing up in a family of bakers, I was familiar with authentic ethnic baked goods. Every holiday or special occasion my dear Aunt Betty would roll hundreds of these delectable swirls of buttery pastry and jam,” recalls Diane Holtaway, founder/owner of Heirzoom Bakery. “I was inspired to launch Heirzoom Bakery fennome Hungarian pastries to offer consumers authentic ethnic baked goods the way they were meant to be.” 

Heirzoom Bakery takes pride in preserving the genuine flavors and techniques of Hungarian home baking. The authentic Eastern European pastry bites are meticulously hand-crafted by skilled artisans who follow our traditional family recipe. Each bite is a testament to the bakery’s commitment to taking one back to the cherished Holiday table filled with traditions and surrounded by the ones we love.

At Heirzoom Bakery, our ingredients are the real deal. We slather buttery pastry dough with real fruit jam fillings – luscious apricot, ripe raspberry, and sweet strawberry, providing a burst of flavor in every bite, then dust with a touch of pure cane demerara sugar to create a heavenly crunch. Plus, understanding how important shelf-life is to retailers and operators, the product and package have been carefully designed to stay fresh at ambient temperature for 90 days, 120 days refrigerated, and 6 months frozen.

The holiday season is a time for indulgence, and Heirzoom Bakery’s authentic fennome Hungarian Pastry Bites are the perfect bite-size treat. Each recloseable bag contains sixteen break-apart bites. At only 30 calories each, Fennome Bites are the perfect guilt-free snack or dessert.

Heirzoom Bakery fennome Bites are also available in bulk form. (256 Bites per case) Caterers, chefs and especially food service operators of senior living facilities will be able to transport customers back in time to a place almost forgotten in a matter of seconds to Savor the Memory!®

About Heirzoom Bakery:   A woman-owned business founded and run by Diane Holtaway. Diane grew up in a family of home bakers. At a young age, she worked side by side with family mixing, rolling, baking, and savoring. After a long career in the food industry, she launched Heirzoom Bakery to share her love for authentic ethnic baking the way it was meant to be. Heirzoom Bakery fennome Hungarian pastries are also available in two Grab ‘N’ Go sizes.

– Trios – Three pastries swirls (about 3” long) presented on their own little gold pastry tray…perfect for sharing.

– Singles  – One spiral-rolled pastry about (4.5” long)…a delectable me time treat.

Please visit www.heirzoombakery.com

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