Italmopa Engages Los Angeles Culinary Professionals in ‘Pure Flour From Europe’ Campaign

LOS ANGELES — The Italian Milling Industry Association (ITALMOPA) will host greater Los Angeles chefs, bakers and culinary professionals at two hands-on cooking workshops on May 15 as part of its Pure Flour from Europe program. Co-funded by the European Union, the program promotes the safety, versatility and superior quality of Italian and European organic flour and semolina.

At these 90-minute private events, Chef Francesco Allegro will lead attendees in creating two classic Italian pasta dishes — empowering them to return this knowledge and these skills to their kitchens and communities. During the first workshop, Allegro will feature Molino De Vita flour in a recipe for cavatelli with tomato sauce and ricotta; a vegan option with tomato sauce and breadcrumbs will also be available. The second workshop will highlight the use of Molino Casillo and Molino Grassi flour in making tortellini stuffed with ricotta, parmesan and spinach and served with butter and sage sauce. The vegan tortellini option will be stuffed with potatoes, kale and herbs and served with olive oil and tomato sauce.

“We are thrilled to host this event at Eataly Los Angeles to showcase the quality of Italian organic flours and semolina to culinary professionals in the area,” said Andrea Valente, ITALMOPA president. “The EU and Italy are pioneers in food safety, quality, and environmental sustainability, which enhances the flavor of virtually any culinary creation.”

Through time-honored mastery, cutting-edge production techniques and strict adherence to EU regulations, Italy’s organic flour and semolina are unparalleled — a true testament to the art of cooking. Crafted specifically for professional chefs, bakers and discerning consumers, these superior products result from centuries of expertise, innovative technology and rigorous standards that ensure their excellence.

The private event is open to culinary professionals only. To be considered, complete a registration request online or contact

Founded in 1958 and based in Rome, ITALMOPA represents 82 companies across Italy that mill soft and durum wheat for the production of flour and semolina for pasta, breads, pastries, pizza and more. For more information, please visit