Shepherd’s Grain Introduces Napoletana “00” Flour

INTRODUCING our NEW Shepherd’s Grain Napoletana “00” Flour!  This flour pairs regenerative agriculture with a world-class Neapolitan-style pizza flour made from specific wheat varieties known for their quality and flavor.

Finely milled to meet the low-ash specs typical of Neapolitan-style flours, Shepherd’s Grain Napoletana “00” has the gluten strength and quality to create a soft and chewy crust on the inside, with a crispy and eye-appealing cornicione. Napoletana “00” will satisfy the discerning pizzaiolo, specifically designed for wood fired Naples style pizzas.

Yet, this flour is versatile and works well in applications requiring gluten strength with easy-to-handle dough. We’re proud to support our local communities, neighbors, and farmers while giving the same true Neopolitan style you’re looking for.

Only available in 50# bags- Item #8690050 and is ready to order right now!