Levain Bakery’s Iconic Cookies Now Available Nationwide at Whole Foods Market Stores

NEW YORK – Levain Bakery has made its name for 25 years as the purveyor of the crispy-outside, ooey-gooey-middle, giant cookies that have long been on every NYC must-eat list. The iconic bakery announced a partnership with Whole Foods Market to bring bites of NYC perfection to freezer aisles nationwide. Over the next few weeks, people all over the country will now be able to enjoy the fully-baked Levain Bakery Frozen Cookies in their own homes, elevating the everyday dessert.

Whole Foods Market stores will carry three classic Levain Bakery cookie varieties, including Chocolate Chip Walnut, Two Chip Chocolate Chip, and Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip, a flavor debuting exclusively at Whole Foods Market. Dark Chocolate Chocolate Chip is one of Levain’s original (and beloved) cookie flavors, combining rich dark cocoa and semi-sweet chocolate chips for the ultimate chocolate-lover’s cookie.

Using the same original recipes as in their legendary bakeries, Levain delivers an authentic bakery-fresh sensory experience at home. By choosing to launch in the frozen aisle, Levain maintains its founders Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald’s commitment to quality – the cookies have no additives, preservatives or stabilizers. The snackable two-ounce sized cookies can be heated at home in just 5 to 7 minutes to achieve the signature melty interior fans of Levain have come to love.

Pam and Connie are dedicated to bringing their cookies to grocery stores in a way that maintains the cookie’s integrity and feels like an extension of the bakery. “When we opened Levain, we set out to make a cookie that not only tastes delicious, but creates moments of joy that connects people,” said the founders. “25 years later, we’re thrilled to build on this heritage and to partner with Whole Foods Market to bring that joy to people across the country. Whether we’re meeting customers in our bakeries or in the freezer section, we know they’re getting a true Levain Bakery experience.”

“Whole Foods Market shoppers are always seeking innovative and delicious products, which is why we are thrilled to launch Levain Bakery’s cookies in stores nationwide,” said Alex Hickey, Category Manager at Whole Foods Market. “As a new addition to our freezer aisles, customers can now indulge in these artisanal treats from the comfort of home.”

Since Levain Bakery Frozen Cookies were introduced to select grocery markets in September 2020, treat seekers all across the country have been delighted to finally have local access to their favorite NY cookie. Levain Bakery frozen cookies are sold in packages containing eight, two-ounce frozen cookies. Levain Bakery has expanded to more than eight bakeries in New York and Washington, DC, including a fast-growing ecommerce gifting business, and grocery retail, with much more to come. For more information on Levain Bakery, visit www.levainbakery.com or follow the brand on social media @levainbakery.

Pam Weekes and Connie McDonald founded Levain Bakery in 1995 as a small bread shop on the Upper West Side of NYC. The tireless pair, who had trained for triathlons and still keep a robust fitness regimen, started making mammoth 6-ounce cookies with simple high-quality ingredients. After finalizing the recipe, they quietly offered the cookies for sale, and they flew out of the stores. Nearly 25 years later, Levain is often lauded as the home of the world’s best cookie. A modern heritage brand, Levain has 8 bakery locations (and another opening this summer), a bustling ecommerce gifting business and a thriving line of frozen cookies found in grocery stores nationwide.