New Research Reveals The World’s Favorite Cake

 Leisure, one of the leading range cooker brands in the UK, has analysed global search volumes to reveal the world’s favourite cakes in each nation. A slice of cake is a sweet treat that is eaten all around the world, but which cakes are the most popular in different countries across the globe? You can view the interactive graphic here.

From classic cakes such as Victoria sponge, to a slice of zesty Lemon Drizzle or an indulgent Chocolate cake, we all have a favourite. Historically, the different variety of cakes across the globe have ranged in flavour and presentation based on the type of ingredients available in each nation and the taste preferences developed in each country throughout the years. 

At the top of the cake chart, and not a great surprise given that chocolate is a much loved sweet treat across the world is chocolate cake, being crowned as the world’s most popular cake, with a global monthly search volume of 394,050. This rich cake is the most searched for treat in 81 different countries. Red Velvet takes second place  receiving a whopping 322,310 monthly searches across the globe and is a favourite in 43 countries, including Greece, Peru, and The Bahamas. It is also crowned Europe’s favourite cake with 14 countries opting for this treat as their favourite.

Taking third position is Angel cake with over 33 countries searching for the layered multi-coloured sponge, being especially popular in many African countries.

The UK’s favourite cake can be looked upon as a bit of a surprise, as traditional favourites such as carrot cake, Victoria sponge and fruit cake are overshadowed in favour of a citrusy Lemon Drizzle.  Research shows that the lemon soaked sponge is searched for over 11,000 times a month in the British Isles and 128,570 times across the globe, ranking in at 9th place overall for total number of monthly searches worldwide.

RankSearched for cakeNumber of countries that searched for this type of cake the mostTotal # of monthly searches worldwide
1Chocolate Cake 81394,050
2Red Velvet43322,310
3Carrot Cake 22313,320
4Banana Cake8192,170
5Pineapple Upside Down Cake2168,430

Gino Grossi, Marketing Manager at Leisure, comments: 

“As our new research reveals, life’s too short to not eat cake! It’s great to see the variety of different taste preferences across the world and which cake is identified as a nation’s favourite. 

Whether people are searching for recipes, where to purchase different cakes, or a cake’s origin, one thing is for certain; these statistics reveal we are a world of curious cake lovers.

At Leisure, we believe that cooking at home is a time to be creative, and to experiment with different ingredients – and using a range cooker with access to up to three ovens, batch baking has never been easier!” 

 For more information on the World’s Favourite Cakes, visit Leisure

About Leisure: 

Leisure is one of the leading Range Cooker brands in the UK and believes that cooking at home is a time to experiment, its culinary roots go deep with over 120 years of manufacturing quality range cookers. This manifests itself today in the brand’s Chefmaster, Cookmaster and Cuisinemaster models, which have all been independently tested for quality and performance by the Good Housekeeping Institute. There is a cooker to suit any kitchen style, available in a variety of colours, fuel type and sizes: 110cm, 100cm and 90cm, plus a 60cm models for smaller kitchens.