Sell More Bread, Pastry and Chocolate Online by Addressing These Consumer Doubts

Consumers are adopting a multi-channel attitude, our 2023 Taste Tomorrow global consumer survey pointed out. People are now shopping at several different physical stores – supermarkets, bakeries, coffee shops etc – and ordering food online. Online outlets are key in the consumer shopping journey as we found that 46% of consumers buy groceries online at least monthly. In 2021, that was just 36%.

Webshops have become a not-to-be-missed sales channel, but there are some consumers that are still hesitant to buy online. Address their doubts and concerns and grow your online revenue.

Why consumers DO buy bread, pastry and chocolate online

Across all channels – artisan, supermarket, foodservice and online – we see that freshness, variety and price are the most important consumer choice drivers. That is true for baked goods, fine patisserie and chocolate. 

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