This Bread Takes Transparency to the Next Level

Consumers are seeking more and more information about the products they consume. They long for transparency and want access to all the information about the product they’re buying. They read the packaging to be informed or reassured. But to provide ultimate transparency, you need to go beyond the packaging. With the edible QR code on this tasty bread, you can give them all the information they need, and more. 

Transparency: on the packaging and beyond
Transparency is one of the nine global trends  revealed by the latest Taste Tomorrow survey. To fulfil their need for clear product information, consumers examine the packaging for fact-based information such as ingredients, nutritional values, the addition of preservatives, the origin of the product and allergens. It’s obvious that clear labels are crucial in providing transparency. Consumers are also interested in the craftmanship and the history of the product, but they don’t expect this extra information to be on the packaging.

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