7 X Inspiring and Sustainable Packaging Ideas For Takeaway and Delivery

The number of delivery and takeaway concepts has gone through the roof this year. Many restaurants, cafés, bakeries and other food stores that got hit by the lockdowns decided to add takeaway and/or delivery to their service to survive the crisis. In both cases, packaging is important to keep the contents fresh (or warm) and tasty, and it also impacts first impressions and quality perception. Get inspired by these 7 sustainable packaging examples for takeaway and delivery!

Edible wrapper

The Double Down sandwich from KFC in Hong Kong is all meat and no bun. As this can be quite messy to eat, they invented a ‘200% edible wrapper’. This innovative wrapper, which encases their most popular chicken sandwich, is made of rice paper and printed with edible ink in KFC’s signature Zinger flavour. A great way to minimise waste streams! 

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