You Can Buy Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer Cakes at the Grocery Store

You might be feeling a bit of baking fatigue after all the treats you made this past holiday season. If that sounds like you, there’s absolutely no shame in buying baked goods from the grocery store, and sometimes the pre-made stuff can even give you inspiration for your next kitchen endeavor. This Orange Crush cake will satisfy your taste for something sweet while being anything but basic.

Soda-infused cakes aren’t anything totally new and 7-Up has been used in baked goods to add a hint of lemon-lime flavor and a ton of moisture to a cake or bread. Instagram account @Threesnackateers found a prepackaged 7-Up cake (that’s also been spotted at stores like Walmart and Aldi in the past) at their local Woodmans grocery store along with an Orange Crush cake and A&W Root Beer Float Cake.

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