Valentine’s Day Duck Dinner Menus To Impress Your Sweetheart

January 28, 2010 Maple Leaf Farms

Maple Leaf Farms has created two romantic Valentine’s Day duck dinner menus. Discover duck and make a meal to remember with Maple Leaf Farms duck.

Your Local Butcher Is The New Rock Star

Any cook can benefit from having a friend behind the meat counter.

Braising Makes Less Expensive Cuts Taste Great

Cooking techniques like braising are the best ways to get maximum enjoyment out of the less-expensive cuts of meat, which often are the most flavorful.

Farmland Seasoned Pork Spices Up The Meat Case

January 27, 2010 Farmland Foods

Farmland Seasoned Pork for Fajitas comes preseasoned for a flavorful, authentic taste, and features a great cut of pork that’s more tender than beef flank steak and more moist than chicken varieties.

Full Circle Bison Ranch Trying Hand At Pastured Pork

January 27, 2010 Sarah Lemon, Mail Tribune

A Williams, OR rancher wants to replicate renowned taste of the Spanish ‘black-footed’ pig.