Partnership For Food Safety Education Offers Holiday Cooking Advice

The Holiday Food Safety Success Kit was developed by the non-profit Partnership for Food Safety Education to address consumer concerns about safe food preparation.

FDA Takes Action Against Seafood Processing Company, Executives

According to the FDA, Haifa Smoked Fish has consistently failed to make corrections to improve the insanitary conditions under which it processes smoked fish products, despite frequent warnings to do so.

Catfish Farmers: USDA Delay Harmful

U.S. catfish producers are pointing at the USDAs failure to inspect seafood imports.

FDA Backs Off Gulf Coast Oyster Ban

November 17, 2009 Scott Hensley, NPR

The agency backpedaled after howls of protest from politicians and the shellfish industry.

U.S. Farm-Raised Catfish Showcased As American Comfort Food

Conference participants discussed how Americans are defining which foods we eat through the culture of informal, casual food.