Alexandre Family Farm Hits Three Milestones With National Distribution in January of A2/A2 Organic Yogurts

CRESCENT CITY, Calif. — Alexandre Family Farm has gained national distribution for their certified regenerative, organic and humane line of A2/A2 yogurt. Starting in January 2022 at Whole Foods Markets, the 24 oz. yogurts include vanilla, plain and 100% grass-fed.

Alexandre is the first dairy and egg ranch in the U.S. to be certified regenerative by the Savory Land To Market program. The 100% grass-fed line is also certified by the Regenerative Organic Alliance.

“The benefits of certified regenerative – nutrient-density and a healthier Earth – require extra effort and costs,” said founder Blake Alexandre. “We’re grateful to the growing consumer base who value and support regenerative farming.”

The Alexandre’s 100% grass-fed dairy products (yogurt and milk) have a seasonal uniqueness.  Unlike most dairy in the U.S., the products are not standardized, but have a variable milkfat percentage just as it came from the cows on the day of milking. Consumers scan the QR code on the package to learn the milkfat % for that particular container.

Like all Alexandre products, the yogurts are 100% A2/A2, which refers to the beta-casein, one of the proteins in milk. For most people, A2 milk is easy to digest, as it’s the same protein found in human breastmilk, sheep and goat milk. Unlike other dairy products found in U.S. grocery stores, AFF dairy does NOT have A1 protein, which can be harder for humans to digest. So now, people who thought they couldn’t have dairy may enjoy it once again.

“Many people who believe they’re lactose-intolerant are actually A1 protein-intolerant,” said founder Stephanie Alexandre. “Those folks are so happy when they find us.”

As fourth generation dairy farmers with over 40 years of experience, Blake and Stephanie Alexandre founded Alexandre Family Farm in 1988 and began bottling under their brand in 2017. Along with their family, they operate the only certified regenerative organic and 100% A2/A2 dairy and mobile coop egg ranch in the United States. They have a line of 100% A2/A2 (the digestible protein) milks and yogurts, and mobile-coop nest-laid, hand-gathered eggs from hens always free-roaming on fresh green pastures.