Canada’s Favorites and Most Trusted Cheese Brands Will Carry the Dairy Farmers of Canada Blue Cow Logo

OTTAWA – Lactalis Canada’s Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Cheestrings, aMOOza!, and P’tit Québec cheeses made with Canadian milk will proudly display  Dairy Farmers of Canada’s blue cow logo reinforcing its position as a leader in the dairy market in Canada. As one of the largest dairy processors in Canada, Lactalis is well positioned to connect with consumers since 98 percent of Canadians are aware of at least one Lactalis product.

Consumers can continue to enjoy their trusted favourite brands knowing that they are made of Canadian milk from local Canadian dairy farms.  Our high quality, nutritious and tasty cheeses are processed in Canada and made by our employees who are passionate about Canadian dairy. This dedication has made our brands household names throughout the country. The entire Lactalis Canada team is committed to processing and distributing cheese in Canada that is made with 100% Canadian milk.

 “I’m excited for us at Lactalis Canada to pursue our collaboration with the Dairy Farmers of Canada.  This logo represents our commitment to the sustainability of our industry and to offer Canadian consumers the best milk and cheese in the country” Mark Taylor, President and CEO of Lactalis Canada says. “I believe dairy is fundamental to the health and well-being of consumers, and it is our duty to respond to consumer needs with a variety of cheeses whether for the at home gourmet, for family dining or for kid’s snacking.”

 “Lactalis Canada’s decision to feature the blue cow logo on its products is a testament to their confidence in Canadian dairy farmers and the high-quality milk they produce daily,” says Pierre Lampron, President of Dairy Farmers of Canada. “The blue cow logo is one of the most recognized brands in Canada – it provides clarity to consumers that the dairy products they buy are made from 100% high-quality milk produced with care by Canadian farmers,” he added. “No fewer than 88% of Canadian consumers recognize the blue cow logo, which is emblematic of Canadian dairy farmers’ commitment to excellence”.

Canadians want healthy food options, and like any responsible business, Lactalis Canada is committed to offer the best cheese products and ensure highest quality. We continue to develop our nutritious recipes with 100% Canadian milk in our Research & Development facility, the largest of its kind in Canada.

Starting in late spring, the blue cow logo will gradually appear on Cracker Barrel, Black Diamond, Cheestrings, aMOOza! and P’tit Québec cheeses, in bars, slices, shredded and snack , in all sizes and flavours.

About Lactalis Canada
As a family-owned business with nearly 140 years of brand heritage in the Canadian dairy industry, Lactalis Canada and its subsidiary Canadian Cheese Corporation are committed to producing great-tasting, nutritious dairy products and supporting the health and wellness of Canadians through their iconic brands like Beatrice, Lactantia, Astro, Black Diamond, Cheestrings, Balderson, Cracker Barrel, P’tit Québec, aMOOza!, siggi’s, Galbani and President. Lactalis Canada directly employs 3,500 Canadians, supports hundreds of farming families and contributes to livelihoods of thousands of Canadians who provide key services to Lactalis Canada’s 17 manufacturing sites and national supply chain. For more information, please visit