FMMO Task Force of Midwest Groups issues Statement on Dairy Pricing Opportunity Act

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Today, six Midwestern dairy groups on a taskforce studying improvements to the Federal Milk Marketing Orders issued a statement in response to the introduction of the Dairy Pricing Opportunity Act.

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, D-N.Y., and her colleagues Sens. Leahy, D-Vt., and Susan Collins, R-Maine, introduced the bill, which calls on the agriculture secretary to begin a national hearing process on FMMOs within six months of its passage. The hearings must look at the issue of the Class I mover but may also address any other issues of concern that USDA sees fit.

The task force members are the Dairy Business Association, Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative, Iowa State Dairy Association, Minnesota Milk Producers Association, Nebraska State Dairy Association and South Dakota Dairy Producers.


“We are pleased to see that federal order reform is top of mind in the Senate. Our task force continues to work on a comprehensive solution to the broad set of issues at hand. The Dairy Pricing Opportunity Act leaves the door open to considering various proposals, such as the Class III Plus proposal put forth early this year, and the ability to address other areas of the system that are just as urgent, such as increasing price transparency. The task force has also supported the creation of an academic dairy pricing study that would aid in this important discussion. We ask lawmakers to support this research effort to help inform whatever emerges from the hearing process. We look forward to working with the Senate and USDA to find a lasting solution for our dairy farmers.”

About Dairy Business Association:

The Dairy Business Association is Wisconsin’s leading dairy advocacy group, championing smart and sensible regulations affecting the dairy community. The nonprofit organization is comprised of farmers, milk processors, vendors and other business partners who work collaboratively to ensure that dairy farms of all sizes have the support they need to keep America’s Dairyland strong. More information:

About Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative:

Edge Dairy Farmer Cooperative provides dairy farmers throughout the Midwest with a powerful voice — the voice of milk — in Congress, with customers and within their communities. Edge, based in Green Bay, Wis., is one of the top cooperatives in the country based on milk volume. More information:

About Iowa State Dairy Association:

Iowa State Dairy Association is dedicated to building a strong communication link between producers, processors, consumers, legislators and environmental organizations, representing producers at all dairy supply chain levels, from dairy farm to consumer tables. ISDA serves as a cohesive voice on legislative issues and reports the latest industry-relevant information to our members. More information:

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Minnesota Milk Producers Association has been the grassroots organization for Minnesota’s dairy industry since 1977. Our strength comes from members working together and focusing on policy, education and membership. More information:

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The Nebraska State Dairy Association has been the voice of Nebraska Dairy Farmers since 1885, working to promote growth, success and sustainability for the dairy industry in Nebraska. More information:

About South Dakota Dairy Producers:

South Dakota Dairy Producers has been a voice for dairy in South Dakota since being formed in 2009, bringing dairy farmers together with suppliers and processors to represent all dairy farms regardless of size, operating structure, or location to promote success and sustainability into the future. More information: