IDFA Selects Directors for Five Industry Segment Boards

Washington, D.C. – The International Dairy Foods Association announced the names of nearly 100 dairy executives who have been selected to serve as directors on the association’s newly formed Industry Segment Boards. These boards, which will launch in March, represent fluid milk, ice cream, cheese, yogurt and cultured products, and dairy-derived ingredients. The new directors will provide strategic vision, policy direction and leadership on segment-specific issues.

“These executives were nominated and selected based on their demonstrated leadership, business expertise and willingness to dedicate time to the future success of IDFA and the dairy industry,” said Michael Dykes, D.V.M., president and CEO of IDFA. “I look forward to receiving each director’s valued input as we move forward together to address the priorities and goals that are important to our members and the dairy industry overall.”

IDFA also announced plans to add other boards in the future as the industry continues to evolve and new product categories emerge.

“If your company makes anything with at least one drop of milk, IDFA is the home for you,”  Dykes said.

Enhanced Advocacy and Inclusiveness

Each Industry Segment Board will conduct business in coordination with the IDFA Executive Council, which includes the chairs and vice chairs of each Industry Segment Board. The Executive Council, which was seated in January, focuses on the business and operations of the association to carry out its fiduciary responsibilities.

The new boards will allow IDFA to enhance legislative, regulatory and communication efforts on behalf of its members and increase the return on investment that they receive through membership.

“We are excited about the association’s new, more nimble operating structure and our plans to work with a broader group of leaders covering the entire range of dairy products and services,” Dykes added. “This comprehensive approach places IDFA in a unique and strategic position to advocate for all of dairy processing.”

According to Dan Zagzebski, president and CEO of Great Lakes Cheese Co., Inc., and chairman of the IDFA Executive Council, “Creating a structure with room for growth will allow IDFA to support the changing needs of its members and the dairy foods industry overall. I’m honored to serve as the inaugural chairman of the Executive Council and look forward to working with IDFA and my industry colleagues as we navigate the next phase of evolution and growth.”

Industry Segment Boards Chairs and Vice Chairs

IDFA Fluid Milk Board

Chair                Jeffrey Kaneb, Executive Vice President, HP Hood LLC

Vice Chair        Ed Mullins, Executive Vice President & CEO, Prairie Farms Dairy, Inc.

IDFA Ice Cream Board

Chair                Mike Wells, President and Chief Executive Officer, Wells Enterprises, Inc.

Vice Chair        Rich D. Draper, Chief Executive Officer, The Ice Cream Club, Inc.

IDFA Cheese Board

Chair                Louie P. Gentine, Chief Executive Officer, Sargento Foods Inc.

Vice Chair        Doug Simon, President, Agropur USA Operations, Agropur U.S. Operations

IDFA Yogurt and Cultured Products Board

Chair                Philippe L. Caradec, Vice President, Public Affairs & Sustainable Development NORAM, Danone North America

Vice Chair        Tim Walls,Executive Vice President, Schreiber US, Schreiber Foods, Inc.

IDFA Ingredients Board

Chair                Andrei Mikhalevsky, President and CEO, California Dairies, Inc.

Vice Chair        Terry Brockman, President & COO, U.S. Division, Saputo Cheese USA Inc.

The complete roster of directors for each Industry Segment Board is available on our website by clicking on the links provided below:

IDFA Fluid Milk Board
IDFA Ice Cream Board
IDFA Cheese Board
IDFA Yogurt and Cultured Products Board
IDFA Ingredients Board

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