Kalona SuperNatural Organic Dairy Launches #DairyProud Consumer Education Campaign

Kalona, IA –  Award-winning organic dairy Kalona® SuperNatural, based on its namesake town in southeastern Iowa, is launching a consumer education initiative in time to help celebrate September’s National Organic Month. The company’s #DairyProud initiative encourages consumers to select genuine, high-quality, Non-GMO, grass-fed, and certified organic dairy products, such as Kalona SuperNatural. Known for its cream top milk and ‘old-school’  approach to dairy pasteurization, Kalona SuperNatural works with select midwestern Amish and Mennonite grass-fed family farms to supply the highest quality organic dairy products nationwide.

“Unlike large-scale conventional and organic dairies, we are invested in every farmer in our region. They have a name, a family, and goals. Our employees, from our farm liaison to our CEO, know these farmers and support their efforts to protect the land and create high-quality, grass-fed milk products for everyone to enjoy,” says Phil Forbes, Kalona SuperNatural Farm Liaison. “A majority of the family farms we work with are multi-generational and have been in the same family for the past 150 years. That commitment says something about the positive economic and sustainable impact we’re making together for the region and industry. At Kalona, we keep things simple, so our customers can, too.”

Be #DairyProud: Join the Herd & Learn More!

Kalona SuperNatural is committed to educating consumers about the health and environmental benefits of organic, grass-fed dairy production. Click here for more information on Kalona SuperNatural’s #DairyProud consumer education campaign that explores the environmental effects of dairy farms, including the vital role animals play in small-scale holistic and regenerative farming operations.

Grass-Fed Milk Power

Traditional cow-based milk products captured $12 billion in total year-to-year sales from 2018 to 2019, according to data presented by Supermarket News. Kalona SuperNatural is on track with industry data from a SPINS article that indicates strong growth in the grass-fed organic dairy category, which grew 56% in 2018, while sales declined overall for conventional and organic. Despite the 2% industry-wide sales dip, Nielsen predicts that dairy will remain a powerhouse as other milk alternatives enter the category.

“We understand the challenges consumers face today when selecting dairy products at the grocery store. At Kalona, our farmers’ legacies are the real stories behind our milk production. Once shoppers make that connection, they can taste the difference in our grass-fed milk, butter, yogurts, sour cream and cottage cheese dairy products. In fact, our entire line is certified organic and kept in the most natural state – just the way our grandparents once enjoyed,” says Sara Rissi, Kalona SuperNatural Sales & Marketing Manager. “We do less, not more to the food we create, and that’s why we are #DairyProud. It’s vital to celebrate and honor the small-town farmer who diligently works the land to preserve the soil. Their cows roam freely and are grass-fed, which provides the most natural habitat.”

Taste The Difference
Kalona SuperNatural believes in offering milk that is batch-pasteurized at low temperatures. This practice is the original method of pasteurization seldom used in the 21st century. It destroys unwanted pathogens, but keeps the helpful bacteria that humans need.

Kalona SuperNatural products include:

●        Organic milk & cream

●        Organic kefir, winner of the Blue Ribbon at the 2019 Iowa State Fair

●        Organic cream top yogurt

●        Organic Greek yogurt

●        Organic cottage cheese

●        Organic sour cream

●        Organic butter

●        Organic eggnog

●        Fresh cheesemaking kits

Kalona SuperNatural products can be found at leading retailers in the western U.S., including
Whole Foods Market, Natural Grocers, Sprouts Farmers Market, Earth Fare, Fresh Thyme,
Lucky’s, Hy-Vee, and other independent natural food stores, co-ops and grocers.
Visit kalonasupernatural.com/store-locator.

For wholesale inquiries, please contact Sara Rissi, Sales and Marketing Manager, sara.rissi@opengatesgroup.com.

About Kalona SuperNatural

Kalona SuperNatural is based in a thriving organic farming community in the heartland of America – Kalona, Iowa. They work with small, sustainable Amish and Mennonite family farms to produce delicious, minimally-processed organic dairy products from pasture-grazed cows. Kalona SuperNatural offers a full line of certified organic dairy products. Learn more at kalonasupernatural.com.