Kalona SuperNatural Makes Small Family Dairy-Farming a Viable Lifestyle

In a world dominated by heavy processing and technological advancements, it’s become rarer to find simple, truly all-natural products on grocery store shelves. But Kalona-based dairy producer Kalona SuperNatural aims to bring the age-old tradition of leaving milk cream at the top of the bottle back to today’s consumers nationwide.

Kalona SuperNatural began as a local dairy production brand called Farmer’s All-Natural Creamery, appropriately named for its original intention of getting Iowan farmers’ products to market.

When founder and owner Bill Evans and his family moved to Kalona, Iowa in 2005, he established Kalona Organics to “develop brands that expand markets in the natural/organic food community,” per their website. Kalona Organics created two brands, Farmer’s All Natural Creamery and Cultural Revolution, to help Iowan Amish and Mennonite farms sell their products to a wider consumer base.

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