Kroger, Meijer Suspend Milk Deliveries From Natural Prairie Dairy Organic Farm

Kroger and Meijer have announced they are suspending milk deliveries from Natural Prairie Dairy in the wake of newly released undercover video showing alleged mistreatment of cows at the organic farm.

Natural Prairie Dairy, a large family-owned operation with some 14,000 cows in northern Texas, supplies raw milk for use in the private-label organic brands of several retailers, including Ohio-based Kroger, parent company of Mariano’s. The farm is in the midst of building another dairy for 4,350 dairy cows, in Newton County in northwest Indiana, to boost distribution to customers in the Midwest and on the East Coast.

In video released Tuesday by animal welfare group Animal Recovery Mission, workers at the Texas farm are seen kicking cows or prodding them with screwdrivers and dragging cows that struggle to walk with ropes tied around their heads. Some cows are shown tied with their heads to their flanks and carried with front-loaders.

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