Plant-Based Milks Aren’t the Reason US Dairies are Struggling

Dino Giacomazzi’s family has been in dairy for more than 125 years. In 1893, his great-grandfather immigrated to the US from northern Italy, a region that is part of modern-day Switzerland. He bought property between San Francisco and Los Angeles from the Southern Pacific Railroad, and turned the plot into a dairy farm—the state’s oldest.

Giacomazzi is the fourth generation in his family that works on the Hanford, California farm. But recently, he made national headlines when he announced he would shutter his long-running dairy operation to shift entirely into almonds. The news made him a vegan hero overnight, a poster boy for the perception that plant-based milks are taking over the cow milk sector.

“Traditional dairy products are on the decline. That’s good news,” one headline read.

It’s also false.

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