Shatto Home Delivery Celebrates National Milkman Day

On June 26th, we will be celebrating National Milkman Day – Please Join Us.

Today, home milk delivery is making a steady comeback, the New York Times called it a time of “a milkman renaissance”.  With customers focusing more on buying local, the idea of the freshest and less processed products being the best and the fact that glass bottled milk is superior to that of the environmentally insensitive plastic alternative, it has created a perfect opportunity for what’s old to be new again. 

“Being Kansas City’s Milkman Service, we at Shatto Home Delivery are so thankful for the hard work of our milkmen as well as the trust our customers have in us to deliver fresh local milk and goodies to their doorstep weekly,” said Matt Shatto

Shatto Home Delivery brought the milkman back to the Kansas City Metro in 2015 and has seen an increase in customers ever since.  Shatto currently delivers more than 1200 local items to families from Plattsburg to Stillwell and from Grain Valley to Olathe.

The History

In 1785 the first milk from local dairy farmers was delivered in Vermont.  Daily milk delivery was important as homes did not have refrigeration at this time and milk was very perishable.  Customers would place their order with their milkman the day prior to delivery. 

Milk at this time was transported on a cart, sometimes it was pulled by a horse, while other times by the milkman himself.  Glass bottles started being used in 1878 and soon thereafter cars and milk trucks began to replace the carts.  Customers began having their milk delivered in insulated boxes that were left on their porches while other homes had cubbies built into the front of their home to receive the milk. 

After WWII the cost effectiveness of the milkman service began to decrease due to longer travel distances, cheaper alternatives at a local market and the fact that the population began to obtain their own individual cars. 

“There is no better way to celebrate National Milkman Day than by signing up and having your very own modern day milkman deliver to your home.  We look forward to serving anyone looking for the freshest milk, best selection of top of category local products and an old fashioned commitment to customer service.” Said Shatto.

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