South Mountain Creamery Expands its Home Delivery Service to New Routes in Virginia & North Carolina

This family-owned and operated dairy farm and home delivery provider in Maryland is now serving Southeast home delivery routes.

FREDERICK, Md. — At the beginning of 2024, South Mountain Creamery expanded their home delivery service to include new routes in the Southeast, providing dairy, produce, meat, and other farm-to-table products to local families.

This year, South Mountain Creamery celebrates 23 years as a family-owned and operated farm, creamery, wholesaler, and home delivery provider in Middletown, Maryland. With the addition of the Southeast delivery routes in Virginia and North Carolina, South Mountain Creamery now serves over 10,000 households along the East Coast, continuing their mission of connecting families with fresh foods from local farmers.

Each week, home delivery customers can shop a seasonal, rotating variety of fresh, nutritious food all while supporting small, local, and family-owned businesses in the Mid-Atlantic. Southeast home delivery customers are also now able to shop using the new South Mountain Creamery website, which launched earlier this year.

“We’re excited to expand our network and work with farmers and vendors in the Southeast region,” says Tony Brusco, Owner and CEO of South Mountain Creamery. “We pride ourselves on offering our customers the same level of quality food that we would want for our own family. And as a company built on family heritage, we strive to support as many local farms and vendors of fresh produce, meat, and more.”

Rather than entering the Southeast market as another source of competition, South Mountain Creamery’s goal is to continue building strong relationships with local farmers and vendors. As dairy farmers themselves, they have a passion for supporting regional agriculture and the local food supply chain. Their motto “Know Your Farmer, Know Your Food” speaks to their commitment of shopping and eating locally. Cheaper delivery fees, lower prices on milk, fewer emissions and fuel usage, and a wider variety of in-season produce and fresher options are all direct results of this standard of practice.

As South Mountain Creamery expands into new markets, customers in all markets can expect the same great tasting products, service, and quality as before.

“One thing remains constant–our commitment to excellence, integrity, and community,” says Tony. “Whether it’s our commitment to sustainable farming practices, our relentless pursuit of quality, or our unwavering dedication to customer service, each decision we make is guided by our unwavering commitment to excellence.”