St. Benoit Creamery Expands Distribution of Organic Yogurts and Desserts

Sonoma, CA — St. Benoit Creamery continues to expand distribution of its sofi™ Award-winning organic desserts and yogurts, most recently in the mid-Atlantic region at Mom’s Organic Markets.

Made with certified USDA organic milk from a single herd of pasture-raised Jersey cows in Sonoma County, St. Benoit (“Ben-wah”) Creamery Organic Desserts deliver a creamy spoonable luxury for a delicious, convenient treat for the entire family.

St. Benoit Creamery Organic Desserts are an indulgent, smooth and creamy treat without the guilt. They contain the freshest full-fat organic milk from a single herd of pasture-raised Jersey cows just 26 miles from its state-of-the-art LEED Gold-certified Sonoma creamery. Flavors include elevated versions of nostalgic classics like Vanilla and TCHO Chocolate, which won a 2020 sofi Award (specialty outstanding food innovation) for best new product in the other dairy category. Snickerdoodle captures the taste of the classic buttery cinnamon cookie without the gluten and carbs while Salted Caramel combines richly flavorful caramel with a savory hint of sea salt.

“These products launched right before COVID-19 hit and haven’t had the exposure they deserve,” says Michelle Sheely, Head of Sales for St. Benoit Creamery. “We are thrilled to be able to sample them at the Summer Fancy Food Show because we know once someone tastes them, they’ll become a fan.”

St. Benoit Creamery Organic Desserts are lower in sugar and calories than similar desserts and have no starches, milk powders, or preservatives, making them the ideal choice for consumers seeking a clean label, limited-ingredient dairy indulgence. Available in reusable and resealable individual serving size glass jars, they’re ideal for lunch bags, snacks and after-dinner treats (3.5 oz., SRP $2.99).

The other star of the Summer Fancy Food Show is St. Benoit Creamery Organic Yogurts. Organic French Vanilla and Organic Plain won gold and silver, respectively, in the Yogurt & Kefir category at the 2021 sofi Awards recognizing the best products in the specialty food industry. Additional flavors include Strawberry and Meyer Lemon. St. Benoit’s yogurt contains only organic, full-fat, pasture-raised A2 dominant Jersey cow’s milk and gut-friendly live active cultures with no fillers, stabilizers or excessive sweeteners.

“We are looking to cultivate our ‘super fans’ by delivering the best taste experience we can provide,” Sheely says. “St. Benoit is unique from most other yogurts on the shelf due to the presence of organic A2 dominant milk protein for enhanced digestibility from a single herd of pasture-raised Jersey cows and our hand-crafted process. We are dedicated to sustainability and creating the best yogurt and dessert experience the consumer can buy.”

St. Benoit Creamery Organic Yogurts are packed in its signature sustainable and reusable glass jars. The snack size jars are sealed with gold foil lids while the family size jars have resealable lids (4.75 oz., SRP $2.49; 23 oz., SRP $6.99).

In keeping with St. Benoit Creamery’s commitment to socially responsible farming practices and transparent traceability, the herd that supplies St. Benoit’s milk is animal welfare certified by top independent international auditor, Validus.

The new extended shelf life of St. Benoit’s yogurts and desserts is due to enhanced process management and technology, allowing expanded distribution to the East Coast. Sheely says St. Benoit’s commitment to organic, clean label sustainability and responsible farming — not to mention outstanding flavor — is appealing to more consumers than ever before and pushing St. Benoit to expand its range. Hyper-local St. Benoit Organic Whole Milk with a rich cream top in each bottle is distributed primarily in California.

Find St. Benoit Creamery products through the Store Locator, online at Northbay Creameries for nationwide shipping, and at Mom’s Organic Markets in the Mid-Atlantic region. 

About St. Benoit Creamery

St. Benoit Creamery believes in REAL FOOD, REAL GOOD. Organic, full-fat, pasture-raised A2 dominant Jersey cow’s milk is at the heart of its clean label yogurt, desserts and dairy. St. Benoit Creamery’s single herd of Jersey cows roam the rolling hills of Sonoma County on an animal welfare certified farm just 26 miles from its sustainable LEED Gold Certified creamery.

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