This Startup Raised $ 17M for its Efforts to Resurrect Cottage Cheese Sales

Jesse Merrill spends a lot of time thinking about cottage cheese.

“Cottage cheese is so versatile,” he said. “Cottage cheese adds a high quality, clean protein boost to any recipe that you’re making. We make cottage cheese lasagna, cottage cheese smoothies, cottage cheese baked ziti. I put cottage cheese in my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. It tastes good on everything.”

Odds are, you never think about, much less eat, cottage cheese. Once a staple food of dieters, the curdy dairy product has fallen out of favor with Americans, overtaken by yogurt and Greek yogurt. According to market research company Mintel, yogurt outsold cottage cheese in 2017 by a factor of eight to one, and only 20 percent of Americans said they ate cottage cheese more than once a month. Those rates went up in 2018, as 39 percent of consumers older than 18 said they ate cottage cheese in the three months to July (the rate dropped to 29 percent for members of gen Z).

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