Aldi’s Valentine’s Day Cheese Assortment is a Heart-Shaped Instagram Waiting to Happen

Forget heart-shaped lockets and diamonds for Valentine’s Day gifting. Love can be better expressed with lactose, in my opinion. Great news for those who stan dairy: heart-shaped cheese will be available at Aldi grocery stores for Valentine’s Day 2019, and I’ve honestly never wanted anything more.

Consider this announcement an official alert for all lovers, whether you’re in a relationship with another person or with every cheeseboard you’ve ever crossed! Gifting a loved one — which can totally be yourself — heart-shaped cheese is the way to go. Nothing says I appreciate you like cheddar all dressed up for date night.

The Happy Farms Preferred Valentine’s Day Cheese Assortment at Aldi comes with three cheeses. Two of which are heart shaped. One of which is covered in bright, classic, romantic red wax. All of which are devourable. Though I’m sure anyone would be thrilled with heart shaped cheese anytime of the year, this assortment is exclusive to Valentine’s season. That said, you won’t have to wait too long to break the heart cheese. Per Aldi, it will become available on Jan. 30 — who says you can’t celebrate love a little early? When cupid’s cheese assortment does become available it will retail for $3.99. That’s a lot more reasonable, and delicious, than a diamond. This Valentine’s Day, eat your heart out.