Cafe Spice Launches 3 Heat-and-Eat Vegetarian and Plant-Based Meals at Whole Foods Market locations throughout Ontario

Cafe Spice is building upon its 19-year relationship with Whole Foods Market by launching three heat-and-eat vegetarian and plant-based meals, in Ontario, Canada. Originally created during the onset of Cafe Spice, these three meals have become part of the company’s core collection, and have done extremely well in American markets.

As the push for more plant-based and vegetarian items increases, Cafe Spice sees it fitting to share the background of their meals and the dietary restrictions that they accommodate.  Cafe Spice’s meals are a push towards global cuisine, yet the company remains Indian at their core.  Indian food is inherently vegetarian and plant-based, focusing on beans, grains, and vegetables.  It is important to remind customers that plant-based and vegetarian options can be creative and satisfying combinations of naturally plant-based ingredients.  Cafe Spice allows its customers to experience Authentic Meals. No Travel Required.

It is exciting news knowing that the following dishes are now available at Whole Foods Market locations throughout Ontario, Canada:

Chana Masala: Chickpeas are slowly cooked in a mild, fragrant caramelized onion gravy, and are paired with lemon basmati rice with mustard seeds and lentils

Vegetable Korma: Vibrant vegetables are braised with spices in a light tomato-cream sauce, and are paired with basmati rice that is infused with saffron, cardamom, and bay leaves

Saag Paneer: A spiced spinach sauce is topped with cubes of an Indian-style farmer’s cheese, and is paired with basmati rice that is infused with saffron, cardamom, and bay leaves

Over the years, Cafe Spice’s internationally acclaimed, award-winning Culinary Director, Chef Hari Nayak, worked to develop an exclusive line of global dishes that harnessed the true essence of authentic cuisines.  Featuring fresh and authentic ingredients, the grab-and-go meals provide easy access to a premium epicurean experience.   Available in 16-ounce microwavable, BPA-free packaging, each meal is prepared fresh and is found in the deli and prepared foods section of the grocery store.  For more information on Cafe Spice and their full line of adventurous, global cuisines, visit