Cheeses of Europe Reveals Why 2020 is the Year of Indulgent Snacking

NEW YORK – According to a recent NPD Group report more consumers are turning to indulgent snacks during the coronavirus outbreak. “Given both the economic and well-being stressors related to COVID-19, indulgent snacking is playing an even more important role during these challenging times. Snack food consumption has increased by 8% during the pandemic as consumers seek comfort through savory and sweet snacks.”

Adds Charles Duque, Managing Director of the French Dairy Board, “Rich and satisfying, cheese provides the soothing comfort that we are looking for this year, both indulgent and healthy.”

Healthy Snacking with Cheese

According to the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics Eat Right guidelines “Snacks can fit into a healthy eating plan and provide an energy boost between meals, if they’re planned right. Choosing nutritious foods from the MyPlate food groups can help increase variety and reduce sources of empty calories and added sugar.” UC Davis Health in an article on tips for smart snacking at home during COVID-19 quarantine says, snacks high in protein and healthy fats keep you feeling full and satisfied throughout the day and recommends cheese and crackers.

Cheese Bread

Duque says, “While snacking is not a tradition in France, enjoying a bite with a glass of wine before dinner is de rigueur.” In Around My French Table author Dorie Greenspan shares a recipe for savory cheese and chive bread with Comté. Says Greenspan, “In France, the basic loaf usually has some cheese — generally Gruyère, Emmental or Comté, sometimes Parmesan, and often a combination and can have more add-ins. She recommends slicing in serving strips or cubes and says it “begs for something to sip with it.”

Indulgent Cheese Fondue

Duque says Camembert is a prime cheese for snacking. Try it in the Cheeses of Europe’s recipe for Camembert Skewers or in the easiest fondue ever. In The Country Cooking of France author Anne Willan shares a rustic recipe for whole Camembert baked in its box. Slices of bread, sticks of celery and carrot and wedges of fresh apple make the perfect dippers for the gooey warm cheese. Easy, indulgent and delicious, it’s a snack that everyone will enjoy.

Sweet & Savory

According to Duque pairing blue cheeses such as Bleu d’Auvergne and Fourme d’Ambert with pears is a classic combo, hitting all the right savory and sweet notes we crave. While blue cheeses are used in recipes for salads and fruit tarts, the simplest way to enjoy it may be the best. Prepare a plate or board with a wedge of cheese and slices of pear and dig in!

About Cheeses of Europe:
The Cheeses of Europe Marketing Campaign, orchestrated by CNIEL (The French Dairy Inter-Branch Organization) and co-funded by the European Union, was designed to create awareness for the variety of European cheeses available in the US market and to suggest ways that American consumers can incorporate those cheeses into their diets, recipes and lifestyles. The campaign’s goal is to increase the appeal of European cheeses and strengthen their competitive position in the growing specialty cheese category.