Tartines with European Cheeses – Ideal for National Picnic Month and Beyond

NEW YORK – July marks National Picnic Month and there’s no better time to turn to tartines. A tartine is something that was created in France and traditionally made using bread, spreading butter on one side and toasting it. Then chefs and home cooks would add a variety of toppings from their pantries and gardens, both fancy and rustic. Tartines can be either savory or sweet presentations.

Tartines are popular today because not only can they be personalized with a variety of toppings but are served individually. They travel easily and hold up well. Perfect for the ultimate picnic in the park, under the stars, on a city terrace or in a backyard, tartines that feature French cheeses are a simple and sumptuous way to entertain guests and celebrate everyday eating.

In her book, Cheese Boards to Share, Thalassa Skinner features several cheeses that are the ideal ingredients, plus accompaniments (both sweet and savory) which can be placed atop an amazing piece of toasted bread to make a killer tartine. “There are endless possibilities when it comes to tartines – and a table filled with an assortment of these gorgeous, colorful, flavor-laden beauties is not only tempting to the eyes but pleasing to the palate,” says Skinner. “Take a Camembert, add a few contrasting accompaniments, and serve it atop a fantastic slice of toasted bread, and you can create a masterpiece at any time of day or night.”

A few examples Skinner cites include: long slices of Camembert with thinly sliced pear, fresh thyme, and a drizzle of honey; Fourme d’Ambert with candied walnuts, sliced kumquat, or pomegranate seeds; Mimolette (grated using the large grate and placed on the hot bread) with sautéed bacon (cut into bite-sized pieces), sautéed onion, and sundried tomato; and Brillat-Savarin or Delice de Bourgogne both French triple crème cheeses with Bayonne ham (or Prosciutto di Parma) and halved cherry tomatoes. “You can vary the bread for even more texture, flavor and intrigue,” she adds.
Los Angeles based award winning chef Jamie Gwen, certified sommelier and cook book author shares, “The French have always made the most delectable cheeses; from my favorite Triple Crèmes to pungent, glorious blue cheese, my tartines always highlight the best that France has to offer. Magnifique!”

For those seeking a quick and straightforward Camembert and pears recipe, this classic tartine seamlessly unites rich sweetness with hints of decadent, earthy, and nutty flavors—and the combination of cheese and fruit is always a winner. “Tartines are fun, easy and most importantly showcase French cheeses at their best,” says Charles Duque, Managing Director of the French Dairy Board, Americas. “You can’t beat the rich and flavorful taste of Cheeses from Europe as the foundation for a tartine that will satisfy your taste buds,” he added.

Whether your bubble during COVID 19 includes immediate relatives or expands to includes close friends remaining six feet apart, tartines will help home chefs create Instagram-worthy experiences for picnics and beyond. For more delicious recipes visit https://cheesesofeurope.com/news/tartines-with-european-cheeses-are-ideal-for-national-picnic-month-and-beyond.